Virginia 7-year-old heading to Las Vegas to compete in bull riding championship

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GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) — Most 7-year-olds spend their free time playing video games or riding their bikes, but one Greene County child uses his spare time to practice bull riding.

Credit: WVIR

Ashwin Bronc Jessee, whose family calls him Bronc, comes from a long line of bull riders. His grandfather and mother were world qualifiers.

“It runs in the family, started with my father," Tiffiney Sims, Bronc’s mother, said. "He had horses and a farm and started me about nine years old. And from that point. My brother and sister, we all do it, our children do it.”

But Sims said she didn't pressure her son into the sport. It's a tradition he's carrying on all on his own.

"It's not something you push," she said. "It's something they either love or they don't."

Bronc still gets a little nervous getting on the bull, but he has a plan in place after he falls off, saying, “if you even are hurt, get up and run.”

He spends months preparing for competitions, using a 'buckin barrel' tool to do so.

He won the 2018 International Miniature Bull Riders World Finals and he's preparing to go for the win this year again.

But his mother said she was nervous he'd get hurt at first.

"I did the first time because it was odd," she said. "It was something new here to have mini bulls. He had been begging, I want to ride bulls, I want to ride bulls, but I wasn't aware of the mini bulls."

The miniature bulls allow competitors as young as five years old to compete for prizes.

Bronc heads to Las Vegas on Wednesday for the competition. If you want to help sponsor that trip or keep up with his bull riding adventures, you can do so on his Facebook page here.