Virginia Bigfoot conference to be held at Augusta Expo this weekend

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — An event in the Valley this weekend can teach you about Bigfoot; but you don't have to believe in the creature to go.

The first-ever Virginia Bigfoot Conference is being held at the Augusta Expo this Saturday and Sunday.

There will be food, a flea market, and speakers and researchers sharing their knowledge on the topic of Bigfoot.

Daniel Benoit is the founder of the East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization.

"We believe that it's an unknown, undiscovered species," said Benoit.

He's been collecting testimonials for years.

"I love to hear from our police officers, and hunters, especially bear hunters," said Benoit. "They're seeing a bipedal hairy subject that is walking through the woods or staring at 'em from behind a tree. I mean, if it's a bear, they're gonna know it."

He says the Shenandoah Valley is a sweet spot for the creature.

"We're surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Allegheny Mountains, and the Appalachian Trail," said Benoit.

Benoit said one of the pieces of evidence he sees are "teepees," in which fallen trees or branches are diagonally stacked.

"In a number of cases, we do find that these were placed there."

One goal of ECBRO is also to educate people about nature.

"If you're gonna go lookin' for something that's considered unknown, you gotta know what is known before anything else," said Benoit.

The family-friendly event is for everyone.

"Bigfoot will be here!" said Benoit. "You'll be able to have your picture taken with Bigfoot, you'll see him walking around."

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, the event is for you!

"If you get that spark of curiosity, come on out. We got people coming from all walks of life"

You can purchase tickets for $30 at the door; kids twelve and under get in free!

The doors open at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday morning.