Virginia State Police prepares to crack down on drunk drivers

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Virginia State Police is ramping up efforts to stop drunk driving. As Labor Day approaches, it is working on decreasing the amount of alcohol related traffic injuries by launching the 17th annual Checkpoint Strikeforce.

The most likely Virginia drivers to drink and drive are 21-to-35-year-old men, according to Governor Northam's office.

During Labor Day weekend last year in Virginia, there were 703 alcohol-related traffic injuries, according to Governor Ralph Northam's office.

Sgt. Frank Pyanoe, with the Virginia State Police, said he has often responded to crashes that have happened because of an impaired driver. He said all of them are very senseless and something that could have been avoided.

"We're not against folks celebrating, but we do want folks to celebrate responsibly," Sgt. Pyanoe said. "Keep themselves safe, keep the rest of the motoring public safe."

Although Checkpoint Strikeforce will take a break after this weekend, it is not over yet this year. The campaign will resume around other holidays.