Virginia among top 10 worst states for data breaches

Published: Jun. 27, 2019 at 1:51 PM EDT
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According to

carried out by cybersecurity company Comparitech, Virginia is one of the worst states for storing data.

Virginia ranks ninth in the U.S. for the highest number of breaches, having 286 breaches affecting over 200 million records within the past decade.

The state suffering the most from cyber security threats is California, with 1,493 breaches exposing over 5.6 billion records, which is twice as much as the runner-up, New York.

Other states suffering from a high number of data breaches include Maryland, Florida and Georgia, having over 300 million records exposed in the same period.

These data breaches come from multiple spam operations, the study says. Some companies are collecting consumers' private information without their consent, which results in the danger of being exposed.

There have been 9,696 data breaches since 2008 exposing more than 10.7 billion records across the country. According to the study, the average cost for each stolen record is $148. This amounts to more than $1.6 trillion in losses within the past 10 years.

The year with the most data breaches was 2017, with a record high of 1,683 breaches. In 2016, 4.6 billion records were exposed, which is the highest number of records to date.