Virginia officials support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Published: Nov. 17, 2016 at 6:46 PM EST
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While some folks in Augusta County are fighting to keep the Atlantic Coast Pipeline from being built in parts of the Valley, others are welcoming what Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe called the jobs pipeline.

Thursday, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce along with several state elected officials announced their support for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

They said the natural gas pipeline will provide thousands of jobs and lead to more business opportunities for the state.

One person in Augusta County who is in favor of the project said the support for the pipeline there is strong.

"Most of the people who live out here want it; most of the people in the state of Virginia want it," said Willis Cutchin. "It's just a few people that complain about the chance of getting the water polluted, but the federal government says if there's a gas leak under the water it's just gonna evaporate out, so it's not gonna hurt anything."

Those against say they remain concerned about water contamination and environmental pollution.

Dominion, the company behind the project, said they hope to begin construction on the pipeline late next year once the route is approved.