Volunteers pitch in to clean up Blacks Run, Downtown Harrisonburg

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Hundreds of volunteers put on gloves and grabbed trash bags on Saturday to pick up garbage found in Blacks Run and around the streets of Downtown Harrisonburg.

Volunteers were provided with a kit, that included a personal pair of gloves and trash bags.

It was part of an annual clean up effort which spans more than two decades.

Rebecca Stimson, an environmental specialist with Harrisonburg Public Works, said while the condition of the stream continues to improve each year, it remains important to stay attentive to it.

"Anything that goes into a storm pipe is going to get directly discharged into Blacks Run," Stimson said. "That means anything in our parking lots or our streets — the next time it rains — it's going to get washed into Blacks Run."

Peter Norment, a volunteer at the event, said he found strange items in the stream such as roller skates, an old car wheel, rugs, carpets and even a credit card.

"The global plastic problem is so huge that this is just one small concrete thing you can do," Norment said. "No matter how small of an impact it's actually going to have, it helps."

Stimson said volunteers typically pick up around four tons of trash each year.