WARM Waynesboro provides cold weather shelters to the homeless

WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — As the temperatures continue to drop, the health risks for homeless people rise.

In Waynesboro, local churches are doing their part to keep homeless warm.

WARM Waynesboro is a non-profit that operates Ruth's Warm House and cold weather shelters for the homeless.

Each week a different church volunteers to host a shelter for local homeless adults providing each person that needs shelter with a cot, blankets, meals and transportation.

Debra Freeman-Belle, the executive director for WARM, said the need for cold weather shelters in Waynesboro is huge.

"We see high numbers as the temperatures drop at our cold weather shelter," said Freeman-Belle. "Right now, when we're in Waynesboro we run two different sites because we only can serve 20 guests at our Waynesboro churches and so the need continually grows."

Freeman-Belle said that in addition to what they provide at the shelter they also offer services to help people provide for themselves.

"It's a range of very simple things such as clothes and food and shelter to more engaging things such as helping with employment, helping them to find stable housing and transition out of the shelter."

Over 35 local churches participate in WARM Waynesboro and the cold weather shelters are available from November through March.