WSVF viewers should Plan to Rescan on Feb. 27

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — On Thursday, February 27, Over-the-Air viewers of The Valley’s FOX and CBS the V will need to rescan their television sets.

WSVF is moving frequencies on February 27, 2020. That means viewers who watch TV for free with an over the air antenna need to Make a Plan to Rescan their TVs to continue watching the station.

Both WSVF and WSVW, our NBC station, will temporarily go off the air on the morning of Monday, Feb. 24, as our engineers work to change our transmitter signal.

That work is set to be complete on Thursday, Feb. 27, which is when you'll need to rescan your TV set to keep seeing all our stations over-the-air with an antenna.

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held an auction of broadcast airwaves to provide more channels for wireless internet broadband services. WSVF did not participate in the auction; however, the FCC is requiring this station and nearly 1,000 others nationwide to move to new frequencies to make room for wireless internet services.

“We’ve been a part of this community for 67 years, and we know that our viewers rely on us for critical breaking news and severe weather alerts, along with the very best in sports and entertainment. That’s not going to change,” said Sacha Purciful, Vice President & General Manager of WSVF. “Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible on our viewers to ensure they can keep watching the programs they love, such as The Masked Singer, the comedy block of Mike and Molly, The Last Man Standing, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and NFL on FOX.”

To rescan on February 27, select "scan" or "autotune" on your TV or converter box control menu to start the scanning process. Instructions are usually available by pressing the "set-up" or "menu" buttons on the remote control.

You can find instructions from WHSV's John Rodgers in the video at the top of this article.

This move is happening behind the scenes, so the channel number viewers know will not change.

Stay tuned to WSVF for more information.

Viewers do not need to purchase new equipment or services, and those who watch WSVF through a cable or satellite service do not need to rescan – your service provider will do it for you.