WV wildlife biologists free deer with head trapped in Halloween bucket

Photos credit: West Virginia Natural Resources Police
Photos credit: West Virginia Natural Resources Police(WHSV)
Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 5:38 PM EST
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Thanks to the help of a dedicated team of wildlife biologists, a deer that had been roaming the West Virginia woods with its head stuck in a Halloween bucket is now free again.

According to the West Virginia Natural Resources Police, Glade Springs Director of Security Greg Duckworth reached out to their department about a yearling buck that had been seen stuck in a peculiar situation,

A game camera had captured the young buck with its head stuck inside a plastic trick-or-treating bucket, with the handle hooked over his button horn in a way that blocked the deer from removing it from his head.

After reviewing the evidence, District Biologist Todd Dowdy was brought on board to try and find a positive outcome for the buck.

Equipped with a tranquilizer gun, a team of biologists began what turned out to be "a long and grueling 6-day search and rescue mission," according to the department.

With the help of Glade Springs security, the team was eventually able to corral the young deer into a safe area, where he was tranquilized and then the bucket was removed.

Other than going without food and water for some time, the biologists said the buck didn't appear to be any worse for the wear.

It was tagged, as is the case for all animals tranquilized by wildlife biologists, and its vital statistics were recovered.

Freed from the bucket, the deer was able to go on its way again, saved from a fate of eventual starvation by dedicated wildlife experts. But it's likely that the young buck won't have much Halloween spirit in the future.

When Glade Springs Director of Security Greg Duckworth contacted District Four Captain Woodrow Brogan about a yearling...

Posted by West Virginia Natural Resources Police on Thursday, December 12, 2019

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