W.Va. locals create a YouTube channel to loosen tension on social media one cup of coffee at a time

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UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV/Gray News) - There is a lot of tension and anger that many of us see almost daily on social media.

From videos to status updates, the constant controversial conversations that seem to drive people a part, brought a group of people together.

Their goal is to change the negative atmosphere across social media platforms into a positive one.

"You may differ with somebody about how they practice their faith, you may differ about how to make this country better, but in the end we all want to get along," Dr. Ali Khan, a local Buckhannon physician said.

Dr. Khan spoke with on-air talent, Spike Nesmith, about the best way to find common ground with someone.

"We were talking about having coffee with people you disagree with and how nice it is to find common ground and I said, 'these meetings should be recorded, they should be up somewhere on YouTube or on a podcast or something,'" Nesmith said.

This is when the idea sparked. They decided to create a YouTube channel called, 'Coffee Anyone, with Dr. Ali Khan,' where people discuss more about what they agree on.

"Just be kind to somebody and they'll be kind right back, yell at them, they'll yell back so we don't want that," Dr. Khan said.

The show will take place in Dough Re Mi, a bakery in Buckhannon where Nesmith will be an executive producer along side Dr. Khan.

They plan to talk to anyone who is willing to have a conversation.

"They could be politicians, a local restaurateur, it could be someone who wants to talk about CBD products, somebody off the street who has a certain idea, somebody on Facebook being very angry about something or another," Dr. Khan said.

"I would like to invite them for coffee, sit down, talk and I assure you we will find common ground," he said.

Nesmith agrees.

"That's the thing about the show," Nesmith said.

"When people come on it doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, what your particular opinions are, if you come in here you sit down, you talk to us, I guarantee we're leaving arm in arm when we're done," he said.

"Two people can get a long just fine talking about anything."

Asad Khan, the producer of the show, wants this to be a way to move conversations from social media to actual face to face interaction.

"I'm hoping that we can bring people away from social media. I'm hoping that we can just bring them around, we can actually just sit and have a conversation with them," Khan said.

A conversation that will hopefully end on a positive note.

"It's just an excuse to have coffee with somebody that eventually when I get up, i'll be friends with," Dr. Khan said.

Those who are interested in being a part of the show, you can send a message to their Facebook page, Coffee Anyone, with Dr. Ali Khan.

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