Center offers flagger certification for students

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV)— Students at the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center in Fishersville had a chance to learn a new skill Thursday that could help them get jobs on the road, helping cars get through work zones.

Students were able to get their flagger certification after the day-long class. With the two-year certification, they're able to get jobs as flaggers with VDOT, their contractors, and other companies in Virginia who use flaggers. The center says providing that chance is an important part of their mission.

"This tells employers, by having these credentials that are stackable, that they not only can do the job but advance in that position," James Hall, director of the career and workforce development division, said.

Mike Hall, the course instructor, says the hands-on training isn't required, but he thinks it's helpful for students.

"I'd rather catch their mistakes here, or if they're uncomfortable with something, or if they need something going over again," Hall said. "I'd much rather do it here, than let them get out there on the road or something like that."

One participant in the course said it was a good opportunity to learn a new skill.

"It's something to fall back on," Terry Reed said. "Just in case if my other plans don't work out, like going into the military or doing law enforcement."

The WWRC says they've had close to 100 students become certified through the program, who leave it with basic skills needed to be a flagger.