WWRC uses new technology to help patients walk again

Published: Dec. 6, 2017 at 7:39 PM EST
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The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center is teaching patients how to walk again with the help of new technology.

The physical therapy department at the center recently raised the money to purchase SafeGait 360.

SafeGait is a balance and mobility trainer used to work with patients learning to walk in a safe and secure environment.

Patients are strapped into a harness that is connected to a device on the ceiling and can then practice walking without worrying they will fall.

Director of physical therapy Sharon Coplai said the new machine will benefit both the patients and the therapists.

"I think it just, it will let us take our patients further toward their goals and it just helps us as therapists to be more confident in providing them with those challenges," said Coplai.

The WWRC Foundation helped raise the money to purchase the equipment and says they are proud to be able to enhance the center's programs.