Waynesboro High School is getting closer and closer to renovation

WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — The renovation of Waynesboro High School may be just around the corner.

Waynesboro City Council will meet with the school board on Monday to finalize decisions about the renovation moving forward.

Both Waynesboro City Council and the school board will discuss the input they've gathered from teachers and the community to determine how and when they will begin renovations.

The meeting will be the first of many to finalize plans on how the renovation will move forward.

City council member Jeffrey Freeman said he is excited about the meeting and the high school's future.

"We want to make sure that we have what the school needs and we want to do a good job so we'll take all that into consideration," said Freeman.

Freeman understands the frustration behind the delay on the project but believes they are getting very close to starting.

"I think we're making headway," said Freeman. "But to the community, it's got to seem like forever already and I know that's how things work. I'm sorry but sometimes it has to be that way."

The city will be appropriating more than $76,000 toward the project.

Official dates on the renovation are still to be determined.