Drivers reminded to stay alert for motorcycles as weather warms

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) -- As the weather warms up and more motorcyclists hit Valley roads, it's important to remember we all share the same pavement.

Virginia DMV is asking drivers to keep an eye out for motorcycles.

More than half of crashes happen because a driver doesn't see a rider until it's too late, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

In addition, drivers are reminded to check their blind spots whenever changing lanes and to never tailgate.

Motorcyclists at Shenandoah Harley Davidson said bikers have a responsibility to be seen and drivers have a responsibility to see them.

One issue Motorcycle Salesman R.J. Youngman has noticed among those behind the wheel is distracted driving.

"Everybody's checking their phones, looking at that text," said Youngman. "Bikes move fast. They come around fast, and they take a very little part of the mirror. It's not like a vehicle. Watch out for us, listen to us, pay attention. We have families to go home to too."

But it's not just drivers who are reminded to play it safe. Youngman said while the heat may tempt motorcycle riders to shed some layers, he stressed the importance of proper eye wear and a helmet.

Virginia requires you to get a motorcycle license before you hit the road.

If you don't have experience riding a motorcycle or want to improve your skills, Shenandoah Harley Davidson offers training courses for beginners and experienced riders.

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