Watch as four landspouts form in Puebla, Mexico

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 3:38 PM EDT
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Take a look at this!

At least four landspouts hit a Mexican town near Puebla over the weekend.

These images were broadcast by a local station there.

Authorities say nobody was hurt.

The town, San Nicolas Buenos Aires, is 89 kilometers away from the city of Puebla.

So what is a landspout and how does that differ from a tornado?

It looks like a tornado, doesn't it?

Landspouts are technically classified as tornadoes but do not form in a traditional format.

Landspouts are essentially waterspouts over land. (A waterspout is a tornado over water)

They are classified as tornadoes because there is rotation on the ground and up in the cloud.

When winds converge together at the surface and there is a towering cumulus cloud this can create a rotation. The rotation then moves upward due to the thunderstorm pulling warm air up into the cloud (also known as an updraft).

This is different from a typical large supercell thunderstorm that would usually have heavy rain and hail, and then produce a tornado.

Landspouts are commonly weaker than a general tornado but have gotten up to EF-3 strength. (winds of 160mph)

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