Waynesboro parents concerned about bus overcrowding

School bus, Photo Date: March 2017 / PHOTO: Pixabay / MGN
School bus, Photo Date: March 2017 / PHOTO: Pixabay / MGN
Published: Aug. 16, 2018 at 7:01 PM EDT
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Several parents in Waynesboro reached out to WHSV concerned about their child's safety on the school bus. A video posted online shows students standing in the aisle as the bus makes its route.

In one of the videos, the bus driver can be heard saying, "We don't have any room, so please tell mom and dad whoever is calling in."

One parent of two said she's concerned.

"They say to sit three to a seat, but clearly if you look at the videos, middle and high schoolers, it's hard to get three to a seat," said Tina Clark. "Especially with backpacks and some of them have band instruments that they carry on the bus."

According to Waynesboro Public Schools, they are aware of the issue and are actively working to handle it.

"We're adding an additional secondary stop which will start on Monday," said Vermell Grant, Assistant Superintendent. "We're rerouting three of our buses, and making a 3rd secondary stop."

Clark said her main concern is safety and she hopes the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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