West Virginia polling locations ready for the state's primary election on Tuesday

While there will be in-person voting on Tuesday, localities preferred people to vote absentee...
While there will be in-person voting on Tuesday, localities preferred people to vote absentee by mail. | Credit: WHSV(WHSV)
Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 6:06 PM EDT
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Pendleton County Clerk Elise White said her office is ready for a smooth election day on Tuesday as her office prepares for West Virginia's Primary.

After a mail carrier in Pendleton County was recently charged with attempted election fraud, White said they're taking extra measures.

"We hope everything will go smoothly and we have done a lot of extra security measures to protect the ballots and such, like I said, we're putting extra seals on things," White said.

White said out of the 5,100 voters in the county, so far, 1,300 have voted through an absentee vote or by early voting. She said those voters will already have their names checked off at one of their nine precincts to make sure no one votes again.

According to the West Virginia Secretary of State, 27.5% of registered voters in Pendleton County requested an absentee ballot, with 22% of registered voters returning an absentee ballot by last Friday. That's among historic levels of absentee voting around the state, with


"The voters have to show I.D and sign the books so their signatures are compared and all the poll workers have a list of people who have already voted during early voting," White said.

If you're voting in person on Tuesday, White said a face mask is not required, but you're encouraged to wear one.

She also said polling location workers will make sure areas are sanitized and wiped down frequently.

"We want voters to know that casting a ballot in-person will be safe and secure," West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner said. "Counties have received guidance on how to disinfect polling locations, sanitize equipment, and properly run in-person voting. With state and federal health officials recommending social distancing, voters should anticipate lines that may appear long – though wait times should not be increased. With record numbers of people exercising absentee and early voting options, we do not anticipate long wait times at polls. We also recommend voters wear a mask to protect others if they choose to do so."

Many counties have specific public health and safety procedures for in-person voting. You can call your county clerk for more information. A county clerk directory is available