What's next for the Greenway in Waynesboro?

WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — Waynesboro City Council recently approved its ongoing Greenway project to move forward through 14th St.

The Greenway will connect Ridgeview Park and the future Loth Springs Park by using 14th St. in Waynesboro. | Credit: WHSV

Public input helped guide this decision, and City Council believes it is also the best choice economically. They were considering five possible routes to connect the future Loth Springs Park to Ridgeview Park.

They said 14th Street is a direct route that will connect the two parks better than any others.

City Council said the road is wide enough, and the work won't require anything to be built on private property.

Now that the city knows where construction will continue, they have moved into the design and engineering phase.

"One of the things we're looking for is to separate the car lane from the pedestrian bicycle lane, and give us some sort of physical barrier there to separate the two, and I think that's doable with our budget," Vice Mayor Bobby Henderson said.

Council has previously said this part of the path will look different than the traditional Greenway because it's going through a more urban area.

Once they are about one third of the way through the design phase, Henderson said they will re-analyze the plan to make sure 14th Street is the best option. That could take a few months.

The city's also been preparing for phase two of the Greenway project, which will stretch from Constitution Park to North Park. The first phase was a one-mile trail from Loth Springs into downtown.