What you need to know about the Shentel, Ntelos merger

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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) -- Telecommunications companies Shentel and nTelos, both in the Valley, have now merged together over Shentel's almost $1 billion acquisition of nTelos.

Soon, nTelos customers will be Sprint customers. Shentel operates with the Sprint brand and billing system, while managing their network as well. If they want, current nTelos customers can stay with their old phone plan or switch to a Sprint plan. Either way, Shentel leaders say the technology will be better.

"We're going to upgrade the existing nTelos network and bring better coverage, better data speeds and better network performance," said Willy Pritle, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Shentel. "We''ll continue the great history of customer service that the nTelos folks have, we'll bring in the advantages of the Sprint nationwide network."

As for jobs, Shentel took on more than 300 nTelos employees. Almost 30 employees have left.

Now, the company will serve about 1-million subscribers. Though customers won't be seeing too many effects of the merger just yet, Sprint branding will begin to take over this summer.