Willow Estates Retirement Home residents explain what love means

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — On Valentine's Day, we celebrate love. One place you can find a lot of love is in retirement communities from those who have known love the longest.

Residents of Willow Estates Retirement Home explain the secret to love

"You just know it is the right man, and he knew I was the right one when he first saw me," said Mary Lou Clem, who met her eventual husband 65 years ago.

Several residents at Willow Estates Retirement Home deeply understand the importance of love, especially in critical times.

"Helping each other...... I help her, she helps me," said Leon Skaggs, a resident of Willow Estates Retirement home.

Residents say when they grow older is when love is demonstrated the most, as care for each other reaches its peak.

"My husband and I will soon be married 60 years this year. I had a stroke like a long time ago, and he's been taking care of me almost all the time since then, so that is love," aaid Carole Kreowski, another resident of the retirement home.

The residents also emphasized that love does not just come from their significant other. Many expressed that caregivers at the the retirement home have also demonstrated acts of love to their residents.