Work begins on Florence Avenue bridge in Waynesboro

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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — After being closed since 2016, work is finally getting started on the Florence Avenue bridge in Waynesboro. The bridge was closed after unexpected safety issues were found.

Work begins on the Florence Avenue bridge in Waynesboro. | Credit: WHSV

The project began mobilizing about two weeks ago. The city said they expect costs to be about $1.8 million. The plan is to tear the bridge down and build a new bridge in its place.

Vice Mayor Bobby Henderson said the new bridge will be good for the area.

"If you have the bridge open, they're not taking detours to get into town," Henderson said. "Also, our emergency crews aren't taking detours to get up to them to help them out."

The project is being funded by a mix of federal, state and local money. Henderson said that is part of the reason why the project took so long to get started.

"When you get multiple governments involved, and all the red tape involved in getting money from the federal government, state government and city government, it just stretched it out."

Henderson said the project is expected to be completed in May of 2020.