Workshop aims to create positive conversation around race

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- From The White House to the Friendly City, a nationally recognized speaker came to share his teachings about racial relations on Saturday, June 17.

Dr. David Campt hosted what he called a White Ally workshop at Asbury United Methodist Church.

In Campt's view. when it comes to race in America, a lot of effort has been put into protests and confrontations and less into building a constructive conversation.

His project takes a different approach. Campt said it's important to learn how to have a successful and effective conversation with those outside our racial or political bubbles.

"There is a need for people all around the country to engage each other, in a way that is less confrontational, less about blame and accusation, and more about what is our experience and what do we make of that," said Campt.

Campt will continue traveling and hosting White Ally workshops around the U.S, but said he was happy to stop in Harrisonburg,where he believes people are already working to create peace.