You can still get your fix with fast food

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WVIR) — With Governor Ralph Northam’s strict guidelines, some restaurants are shutting down. Others are hoping to stay open by offering take out, delivery, and drive-thru, service.

“We’re doing takeouts only inside and drive-through of course but we also are closing at 7 o’clock in the drive-through is still open till 11 p.m.,” say manager at McDonalds Margaret Shiflett.

Fast food services like McDonald’s have had to cut their staff because of the change in hours.

“We try to keep as many as we can, so our employees are being able to make money,” says Shiflett.

That can be a challenging task. Staff at Krispy Kreme have actually seen a decrease in the amount of service.

“We’ve had about a 50% decrease before.,” says manager at Krispy Kreme Emily Wimer. “Everybody number one doesn’t know we’re. Number two everyone is just staying 6 feet away staying home staying safe.”

One way these business are staying safe is cleaning as much as possible.

“We wear gloves when people come through and are touching cash,” says Wimer. “We wash our hands after taking the gloves off. We use hand sanitizer every few minutes, just to make sure we’re not spreading it.”

“Cleaning down and wiping down every so many times a shift so many times that your hands almost get sore from cleaning so much,” says Shiflett.

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