Health experts explain why remaining active during COVID-19 is important

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 3:41 PM EDT
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As some people are adjusting to working from home during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, it brings a new set of challenges.

The comfort of being able to sit on the couch for hours at a time can be damaging physically and mentally.

"There are countless studies that show sitting down and being sedentary is not only nonproductive in the workplace but it's also just nonproductive in life in general," said WV Heart Association Executive Director Sarah Bolyard.

To find a way to stay active while sitting, the fitness expert and author of

The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong and Lift Your Life,

Andrea Marcellus, says an easy ab exercise to help keep the core engaged is beneficial, and it can all be done from your favorite spot.

The exercises are safe for all ages. It is, however, best to modify according to the persons' ability and energy level.

"During this time it's very, very important to keep moving," Marcellus said. "Most importantly to boost your immunity," she said. "When you get your heart rate up, that will literally clean out your lungs and that will make you less susceptible to getting a cold flu or any kind of virus."

To keep your immune system strong, Bolyard said exercising is something that has to be done consistently.

"At the Heart Association, we encourage folks to get at lest 30 minutes of exercise a day for five days out of seven," she said.

Similar to work schedules and scheduling workouts, Marcellus suggested scheduling meals as well.

"Eat on schedule and stay as active as possible throughout the day," she said. "That's really the biggest tip."

Both Marcellus and the WV American Heart Association have tips to help with meals and staying active while home.

Marcellus has an app, called AND/life, that allows you to track and work on your health journey.

The WV American Association shares images to stay active and healthy on their Facebook page that you can download for free.