Psychologist says increased time using technology isn't completely a bad thing during pandemic

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 12:21 PM EDT
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As many people have increased their usage of technology devices, lots of families are wondering how to cope with the need of their devices during the pandemic.

“There’s been a lot of adjustment for kids and families with tech use during this time when the world has gone from in-person to everything being done virtually,” said psychologist Dr. Nicole Beurkens.

Even with the increased usage, Dr. Beurkens said much of the time being spent using technology has been positive.

“Technology and greater use of technology has allowed kids to stay connected to their friends, peers, activities and certainly has allowed them to continue their education,” she said.

There has been a 105% increase in educational and schooling activities and a 65% increase in using devices to connect with other people, according to Beurkens.

Although those aren’t necessarily bad statistics, Beurkens said it’s still a good idea to step away from your devises.

“We really want kids getting up, stepping away from screens and having some time for physical activity and movement,” Beurkens said.

For those at the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library, they have found a way to combine using devices and being active with a program they call Kidding Around Yoga. It’s an event for kids, but librarian, Erica Perry said it’s a time that families can all spend together.

“Just that 15 minutes a day, by doing exercise and moving around, helps them know their capabilities and their mindset,” Perry said.

Regardless of how people spend their time away from their devices, Beurkens says to make sure to still balance your time.

“I really want parents right now to thing about being flexible and allowing for increased device use, but also still having some rules and some limits and some safety measures in place during this time,” Beurkens said. “That’s really important.”

Beurkens is also a brand ambassador for Qustodio, an app that helps parents supervise, manage and protect children’s devices. The app is available on most devices.