Health care, monument debate draws voters to the polls Tuesday

Published: Jun. 12, 2018 at 5:37 PM EDT
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Voters participating in Tuesday's primary listed several issues as a priority when casting their ballots.

Primaries were held to choose a Democratic nominee in Virginia's 6th congressional district and a Republican to run against Sen. Tim Kaine in the fall.

Will Shirkey, who voted at Lucy Simms Center in Harrisonburg, said he chose the candidate he felt would best protect the 1st and 2nd amendment.

"He'll protect Virginia history, our statues, things that are being attacked for not reason at all, really," said Shirkey.

Pankaj Patel said several issues brought him out to the polling booth.

"One is healthcare, the second one is gun control and I guess education would be the third" said Patel.

Tamara Robinson, who said her primary concern was health care, felt confident in her choice for the open house seat.

"If she gets it, she'll be the one to get it all done," said Robinson. "I have friends who have been complaining about almost everything everybody else has been complaining about around here in Harrisonburg. We need someone who will stand up for us around here."

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