What's a viral COVID-19 test really like? We tried it to show you

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 4:21 PM EDT
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What is it actually like to get a COVID-19 test? The

has started widespread testing, including a drive-through site Tuesday in Natural Bridge.

WDBJ7's Leanna Scachetti and Bruce Young teamed up to give our closest look at a viral test yet.

Tuesday, the health district in Rockbridge County offered its fourth free drive-thru site for COVID-19 viral tests.

The first step, as in all things, is paperwork. Upon arrival, you're given a clipboard with two pages. Each will ask you for your contact information. One will be attached to your test. You're not required to have insurance to take a test. And the entire procedure is free.

"You do not need a doctor's note," said Laura Lee Wight, health educator of the

. "Anyone can come get a test. It's a free test, you do not need to have proof of insurance. You don't even need to have symptoms of COVID-19 to have this test."

After turning in a part of your paperwork, you'll be handed the testing kit. You'll then drive up to the medics who will administer your test.

"'We've been working with our partners at the National Guard and also our local emergency management partners and their health department staff to really fine-tune this process and streamline it as much as possible," said Wight.

From the paperwork to the nasal swab, everything took less than 10 minutes.

"And then that test is going to go to a lab," Wight said. "This is a viral test, which means it's going to find out if you are currently infected with COVID-19 right now."

We'll get a call with our results, positive or negative, within five to seven days. Until then, we'll have to isolate at home.

"Having these testing events that are throughout our whole district in different communities, be it kind of more of a city versus a rural community, is helping us make sure that these tests are accessible for everyone," Wight said.

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