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This recipe only yields one 12-cup pan but can be easily adjusted, you should use foil cupcake cups too I just didn’t have any.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

3-4 graham crackers, crumbled as finely as possible [electric veggie chopper anyone? the back of a spoon works too.]
1/2 cup-ish melted butter [I used smart balance all natural spread]
1 teaspoon brown sugar [optional]


Mix all the crust ingredients and lightly press into greased pan/cups, set aside. If you want to get real fancy here, you can put something [chocolate chips, maraschino cherry, jellybean, fresh berry, etc.] in the middle. Fun to experiment!

1 -6oz 0% Greek yogurt (the single serving size, I used plain)
1/2 cup sour cream*
1/2 cup cream cheese (i used about one third of an 8oz package][softened] [now I still have plenty for bagels)
2/3 cup sugar [preferably brown sugar, or agave (but use less), or stevia if you're going for healthy, also for this one use more/less to taste.

Beat until smooth with electric mixer [blender or whisk will work but really, it's worth it] and add in one egg.

If you want chocolate cheesecake batter, use cocoa or your choice of melted choco-chips.
spoon into cups [leave a good half inch for the batter to expand.

You can top them before or after baking, depending on your toppings. I left some of them chocolate free and topped with cinnamon. Not topping them at all is still very delicious.

Bake for about 12 minutes, but check them at maybe nine or ten just in case. You want the tops to be darker than before, but not browned. Let sit inside oven for one hour prior to refrigerating for a few hours, THEN you can finally eat them.

* For a New-York style cheesecake taste, replace the sour cream with cream cheese, ricotta, or tofu.