Sushi Notes


Various - See information below.


1. You do not have to use raw ingredients.

2. Many grocery stores carry ingredients.

3. Look for specialty items in local Asian markets.

4. A rice cooker will produce near perfect rice every time.

5. Use seasoned rice wine vinegar for a great rice flavor.

6. Do not prepare in advance (except rice).

7. Wrap bamboo mat with plastic wrap to avoid getting rice stuck in it.

8. Asian style short grain rice is a must (do not use long grains style).

9. There are many soy sauces available -- experiment.

10. Wasabi (horseradish mustard) is available premixed and as a powder (don't inhale powder, you will regret it).

11. Pickled ginger is a great palette cleanser.

12. Potential ingredients are numerous. Here are suggestions:

Shrimp (cooked)

Broiled or smoked eel

Smoked salmon


Crab stick (imitation crab leg)


Cream cheese

13. Be impeccably clean. Have thoroughly clean surfaces and implements.

14. Use 1/4 cup vinegar to approx. one quart of water to rinse hands before handling rice.

15. Have a sushi party. Invite friends to make their own rolls. It will be a riot!