White Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding


10 2/3 Cups dried bread, cubed
1 5/8 Cups dried cherries, plump in Brandy
1 1/16 Cups cream anglaise (vanilla sauce)
1 1/16 Quarts heavy cream
2 1/8 Whole eggs
6 3/8 Ounces white chocolate, rough chopped


Mix everything together in large bowl and allow bread to absorb all the liquid.
If the bread is still dry after a few hours, add additional cream (one cup at a time)

Place into a shallow pan that will fit into another slightly larger pan so that you can bake in a water bath
Bake in 350 degree oven uncovered for 20 to 4o minutes or until custard is set but not dry
Allow to rest at room temperature for one hour if you plan to store it or it can be served immediately
If Storing, refridgerate overnight, then remove and portion.
Re-heat to serve
Goes well with white chocolate and berry sauces.
Garnish with dried cherries and shaved white chocolate