Brunch Panini


2 slices whole wheat, Italian, Sour dough, or Ciabatta bread
Olive oil or cooking spray
1 fried egg (prepared in nonstick skillet with vegetable spray)
Grilled red and green peppers
2 very thin slices of Provolone, Mozzarella or other cheese
2 slices thin ham or cooked bacon


Bruch one side of each slice of bread with olive oil. Set aside while you fry the egg an grill the peppers on the Panini maker (or use "jar" roasted peppers).
Place a slice of cheese on the un-oiled sides of bread, then layer on the remaining ingredients.
Top with remaining bread and cheese and place on heated Panini press or skillet.
Close the press or press down on sandwich with a spatula or place a heavy pot on top of sandwich.
Cook until cheese melts, about five minutes.
The sandwich cooked in the skillet will need to be flipped (like a grilled cheese).
Enjoy with fruit, sliced tomatoes or slaw.
Yield: 1 sandwich