How to make Texas Roadhouse BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS at home


Gather all ingredients before beginning recipe.

Always wash your hands and sanitize your work area and equipment before starting any recipe.

Colander, tongs, Fryer, large mixing bowl, cooking thermometer


Step 1
-Remove wings and/or drummies from packaging, placing them in the colander
-Rinse them in a sink and allow to air dry 5 to 10 minutes
Step 2
-Preheat Fry Daddy or personal fryer to 350 degrees F
-Place wings into fry basket and fry until done.
* Floating wings is a good sign they are close.
-Wings are fully cooked once they reach 170 degrees F. You test this by inserting a cooking thermometer into the thickest part of a drumstick.
-Once done remove the fry basket and suspend over the fryer for several minutes to allow excess grease to drain.
-Using clean tongs place cooked wings in a large mixing bowl.
Step 3
-Add your favorite wing sauce to the bowl.
-Using tongs mix the wings and sauce until coated.
-Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce and celery sticks.