Basic Omelet


2 eggs
2 tablespoons water


Blend well

Get all filling ingredients ready and bring to room temperature

Heat a 10” skillet with a non-stick coating on high heat

Add margarine, olive oil or cooking spray to hot skillet

Immediately pour in egg mixture. Start tipping pan from one side to another, allowing the egg mixture to slide around the pan a bit and filling it completely.

With a pancake turner or spatula, at perimeter of pan, slide a few inches of egg mixture towards center of skillet, then tip skillet to allow egg mixture to fill in that space. Do this around entire pan until egg mixture no longer moves.

Holding skillet with handle to your stomach, draw an imaginary line down the center and sprinkle on filling ingredients to the left of that line if right handed, reverse if left handed, adding any cheese first to give it a chance to melt.

Slip spatula under unfilled side and fold over filled side. Set spatula down, hold handle with your dominant hand and flip omelet onto a serving plate. Garnish. Enjoy immediately!