Quick and Easy Breakfasts


Here are some breakfasts you can make in less than five minutes:


Scrambled eggs in a coffee mug) Blend 2 eggs in ‘sprayed’ coffee mug. Cook 30 seconds in microwave,stir, cook another 30 seconds or until done. Sprinkle with some grated cheese.

Cheeseburger omelet) Make an omelet with bits of crumbled, cooked hamburger and some cheese

Egg Taco) Scramble eggs and tuck into taco shell; top with cheese and salsa

Green eggs and ham breakfast burrito) Place scrambled eggs in center of tortilla with spinach and sandwich ham and then roll up

Toad in a hole) Cut a hole in hi-fiber bread slice with a cookie cutter. Place in greased skillet on medium heat. Crack an egg in hole and cook. Flip and cook remaining side until egg is done and bread is nicely toasted.

Shake and Roll Smoothie) Place 1 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 cup fruit, ½ cup milk and some cereal in blender; blend and go (roll!)

Eggsicle and fruit kebab) Hard boil and peel egg. Pierce with clean Popsicle stick and enjoy with fruit kabob