Burger King Student Athlete of the Week: Austin Stickles

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Strasburg senior golfer Austin Stickles is always focused.

"Usually I'm trying not think about the end result," Stickles said. "Try to think about, pick a spot and where do i want to hit it."

"With everything he does," Strasburg head golf coach Joel Morgan said. "I mean he just does it in an outstanding fashion."

He focuses on the golf course, his academics and his future aspirations.

"Constantly making sure that the academics are good," Morgan said. "I think he understands that that's the most important part."

"I'm a really big science guy," Stickles said. "I really like geology and things like that, things to do with the earth. I go to governor school back at home and that's what i specialize in there."

Even though his career path involves science, Stickles isn't done with golf.

"I want to try to play golf in college," Stickles said. "I've looked at a few division III schools. I've tried to contact them and I've heard back from a few schools."

Morgan has no doubt that Stickles has a bright future.

"You got somebody that will work on the game and have the right values and bring to the program," Morgan said. "The kind of things that they would like to see."

But as he prepares to graduate, Stickles is leaving his mark with Strasburg golf.

"We have eight, nine, ten guys that go out and play the game fairly well," Morgan said. "I think Austin would like to graduate and leave and see the program continue to have success while he's gone."

"You know start something," Stickles said. "If you don't like it, don't do it. But if you like it, and you're having fun out there while you're playing it, stick with it, and you never know, something amazing might happen."