Burger King Student Athlete of the Week: Blake Baylor

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ELKTON, Va. (WHSV) -- East Rockingham High School senior Blake Baylor is member of multiple honor societies, a successful student and the starting middle linebacker of the undefeated East Rock football team.

"He's a model football player. He's a model student athlete," East Rock football head coach Donnie Coleman said. "I think everything you wanted to ask for in a young man, if you had to draw it up, that would be Blake Baylor."

Baylor also impresses in academics, with a 4.1 GPA.

"If i could have a whole classroom full of Blake Baylor's," Baylor's teacher Rebecca Roberts said. "I would be happy about that."

In terms of athletics, Baylor is hoping to win three championships this year -- in football, basketball and baseball.

"We're chasing the ring, we're working hard every day trying to achieve that goal we've worked since eighth grade for," Baylor said.

Baylor has worked hard in the weight room, bulking up since eighth grade.

"He wasn't always kind of built like he is right now, he's tall and skinny, but he was really skinny back then," Coleman said.

"Working hard, working out every day, and really just staying at it," Baylor said. "That's where I'm successful right now."
Now he's thriving on the field, in the classroom and in life.

"He's a hard worker, he takes his studies seriously, he takes everything that he does seriously," Roberts said. "But he also does it with just a really relaxed confidence."

"If you had a daughter, he's the kind of man you want your daughter to come home with," Coleman said.

Blake hopes to play football in college, but has a plan for his post-playing career.

"Help other people out, that's what i want to do," Baylor said. "I want to work as a team, maybe with sports marketing, because i like that camaraderie, just working together to achieve selling a product and a goal."