Burger King Student Athlete of the Week: Kole Puffenberger

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FRANKLIN, W.Va. (WHSV) -- Pendleton County High School senior quarterback Kole Puffenberger does what he loves everyday.

"I like throwing the football around," Puffenberger said. "That's my favorite thing to do."

"He grew up loving sports and loving football," Pendleton head football coach Zac Smtih said. "His brother was really a role model and a big influence in that part of his life."

Smith played high school football at Pendleton, with Puffenberger's older brother Kyle Puffenberger.

"My senior year of high school as a player," Smith said. "[Kole] actually ran out on the field with us."

"[Kyle] played football for as long as i was born," Kole said. "We'd go out in the yard, strap up some pads and go out there and play."

While Kole plays today, his brother Kyle isn't here to watch.

"Worst time of my life," Kole said.

At 18-years-old, Kyle, who was a freshman football player at Glenville State University, passed away after getting in a car crash on the way home from college.

"It was really hard on the whole family," Kole said. "I've seen people cry that I've never seen cry before. It was real tough."

But after a tragedy, Kole didn't want to let his brother down.

"It just made me want to work even harder," Kole said. "Do my best. Make his memory. Make him proud. Do what i can do. Live long number two."

Now, Kole wears number two for the Wildcats, just like his brother did.
Wearing the number 2 jersey.... starring for the wildcats.... just like his brother.

"Growing up, he just wanted to live and walk in his brother's footsteps and i think he's done that," Smith said.

"He's talented," Kole's English teacher Joe Vincell said. "He's a talented athlete. He's a talented student. He's maintained this consistently throughout his career. He's been a hard worker."

Now, Kole is hoping to do one more thing that Kyle did.

"I know he's really interested in playing football at Glenville State," Smith said.

"That would mean a lot. It would be pretty big. Pretty sweet," Kole said.