Catching up with former East Rock star and current Hokie J'wan Evans

Published: Jun. 20, 2020 at 6:29 PM EDT
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It's hard to forget J'Wan Evans' electric touchdown runs with East Rockingham. He was a star to watch every week on EndZone.

Evans' hard work in high school paid off. He is now a rising sophomore

running back for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

"It was for sure a dream come true, everyone who knows my story knows I always wanted to end up at Tech, anybody who knows me knows that," Evans said. "It definitely was a dream come true, I've seen a lot of things, a lot of things helped me build, being around this program, being around these coaches, being around players, a lot of people have looked out for me."

As a freshman, Evans dressed for three games.

"My first time running out of the stadium, it was definitely an eye opener, it was like, it was crazy, it was just like whoa, running out of the stadium, 70,000 fans jumping up and down," Evans said. "We got everybody, cheerleaders, everybody lined up while you running out, coming through that tunnel, it was an experience for sure."

Evans says he's had to step up his game even more as he's preparing for his sophomore season. He's hoping to land a spot on special teams this year and soak up knowledge from veteran running backs.

"No half reps, ain't no just getting by through a practice. If you think you're gonna go out to a practice and just gonna get by, even if you're having a bad day, like in high school you can go out and have a bad day of practice, at this level it ain't like that," Evans said. "You come out there and everything is behind you when you're on the field. Every day, you have to come out there and have a good day."

In 2018, in a WHSV sports presents feature, we told the story of Evans' journey as a young boy in Philadelphia overcoming adversity and a high school student athletes overcoming sudden illness.

Evans thanks East Rock, his family and most of all his godparents for helping him reach this point. He says his adversity still makes him who he is today.

"Every day I wake up and some days when that alarm goes off at 5 in the morning, hey, like I just fell asleep, but I remember where I've been and where I've came from," Evans said. "Every day I use it, but any time I've got the ball in my hands at practice, I remember I have a family at home that I'm trying to feed. I for sure us it every day."

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