Cheridan Hatfield: WHSV Student Athlete of the Week, April 19

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FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) — "Really, I just fell in love with the fast pace of the game," Cheridan Hatfield said.

In the fall, it's volleyball.

"We won a state championship, so that was pretty cool," she said.

In the spring, it's softball.

"Enjoyed being outside and diving in the dirt," she said. "It's been fun!"

In the winter, it's basketball.

"I'm actually going to college to play basketball at Randolph Macon," Cheridan said. "I'm pretty excited going form a hornet to a yellow jacket."

"You want her on your team. You want her in your dugout. You want her in your classroom," said Mickie Holber, head softball coach at Wilson Memorial High School.

No matter what sport she plays at Wilson Memorial, win or lose, Cheridan Hatfield always sports the same look on her face.

"You can tell she was born for the next level," he said.

"Accept failure and be happy about the successes," said Cheridan.

"When I ask her how a game went, even if they lost, if it was a good game, she's happy," said Latin teacher Wade Carruth.

Carruth has guided Cheridan through six years of Latin, a language she started because of her interest in veterinary medicine.

"Now, I'm more leaning toward the medical field with humans. I want to do geriatrics, so I wanna work with the older population," Cheridan said.

"I have plenty of A+ students, but not all of them are the great person she is," Carruth said.

Her work ethic, caring heart and example to others are the qualities that make Cheridan shine beyond the field and classroom.

"Character is who you are when no one is watching. I will guarantee you 100% Cheridan is the same person when you're watching and when you're not," Holbert said.

Just like the other two seasons of her senior year, Cheridan wants her spring to be great.

"I definitely want to go out with a bang! I would love to finish this season on a high note. I would like to be remembered for all three, and as a student in the classroom," Cheridan said.

Well, Cheridan, you've got your wish.

"She is one of the few standouts. I mean, I've been doing this for ten years now and she's one I'll always remember," Carruth said.

Congratulations to Wilson Memorial's Cheridan Hatfield, your student athlete of the week!