Coy Jimenez: WHSV Student Athlete of the Week, May 10

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WOODSTOCK, Va. (WHSV) — "Your mind is really strong, and you have to learn how to ignore it," Central High School student Coy Jimenez said.

Setting his mind like a stone to take him where he wants to go is what Coy Jimenez lives by.

"Some people have God-given ability and others have to work for it. I was a little bit of both," he said. "It's corny, but you can do anything you set your mind to, it's true."

Coy proves it true in the way he runs, setting a goal to break 11 seconds in the 100 meter dash and achieving it last month in 10.99 seconds.

"As a seventh grader, he was by far faster than any kid on the team or any other school sprinter," Central head track coach Rick Lytton said.

Lytton saw the natural talent, and Coy worked to cultivate it.

"He knows the stretches. He works out on his own. He is very self-motivated," he said.

"I'd say Coy is a student who makes me proud to be a teacher," Spanish teacher Heather Walters said.

She knows Coy well from watching her husband coach him on the golf team.

"He's one of those students when he walks into a room or when his face lights up with a smile, everyone else smiles," she said.

It's a smile almost as big and bright as his future.

"I'm a dreamer," Coy said.

Four years of running in college is only the start of Coy's big dreams.

"The ultimate goal is the Olympics," he said. "It's a huge dream, but I'm willing to do anything it takes to get there."

"Eighteen years of teaching, I've had a lot of students share with me their goals, and I've wondered, 'Hmm?' Coy, I can see him reaching those goals," Walters said. "He is very persistent and a bit hard-headed and those might be what we'll say puts the gold in his hands."

Congratulations to Central's Coy Jimenez, your student athlete of the week.