DaJuan Moore: WHSV Student Athlete of the Week, May 3

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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — In the fall, you can find him tearing up the field as quarterback.

In the winter, he is a star on the basketball court.

DaJuan Moore has certainly made his mark on Waynesboro High School.

As a sophomore on the football team, DaJuan worked extremely hard in the weight room and on the field to eventually earn the role of quarterback.

He also landed a spot on the all star basketball team this year.

On top of his standout abilities in athletics, DaJuan maintains a 4.2 GPA and a spot in the National Honor Society.

Whatever DaJuan Moore does at Waynesboro High School, Coach Shawn Moran says he always takes on the role of a leader.

"Being able to see it, and being with and around him, knowing exactly what he had to do to achieve his goals, not just athletically, but the academic piece, has allowed him the opportunity that he's been given," Moran said. "Hopefully, that will inspire some of his teammates and some of the people who walk these halls, anything it possible if you work hard."

DaJuan's skill on the football field caught the attention of the University of Virginia, where he plans to play this fall.