Frisco museum dedicated to video games

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FRISCO, Tx. (WHSV) — They say everything is bigger in Texas – well, at least one classic video game definitely is.

A giant Pong game is among the features at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco.

While the city is known for being a prime destination for the ultimate sports fan, the art and science behind video games is put on display in the Dallas suburb.

Featuring more than 100,000 pieces of video games, hardware, software and memorabilia, the museum is dedicated to video games from the distant past to today while looking ahead to advancements in the future.

The interactive museum allows those of any age to play the electronic games while learning about their history.

While fans from the Shenandoah Valley gear up to watch the big game on Saturday at Toyota Stadium featuring the JMU Football Dukes, plenty of tourists took in some time to play games of their own at the museum.

WHSV’s Kyle Rogers is in Frisco, Texas where the James Madison University Football team plays in the FCS National Championship on Saturday, Jan. 11.