Burger King Student Athlete of the Week: Maria Marston

Maria plans to play Basketball in College but is still undecided about which school she will...
Maria plans to play Basketball in College but is still undecided about which school she will goto.(WHSV)
Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 8:35 PM EST
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For Central High School Senior Maria Marston, she says she's living the dream after growing up in the halls of Central where her mom teaches and playing on the court for all four years of high school.

"I would always come to the high school games when I was younger and I just couldn't wait for them," Marston said. "I just kept saying man I can't wait to do that ."

Her teachers said the school has helped shape her into the person she is today.

"One thing about Maria, I've taught with her mother for like 20 years so I've got to see her grow in stages," Donn Foltz, Marston's seminar teacher, said. "She's very diligent gets her work done she's very happy every day with a good attitude."

Marston said she remembered she started Basketball in the third grade but watched her brothers play all her life.

"My three brothers who are older then I have already graduated and all three of them played basketball here," Marston said. "I also have two younger sisters one on the Junior Varsity team now and one on the middle school team now."

As shes planned all four years of high school for Central, Basketball isn't the only thing in her blood leadership is too. This school year she was the captain of the school's volleyball team and a returning captain for the Basketball team.

"She's been with me since her freshman year and each year she's slowly taken on some kind of leadership role," Coach Bryan Scott, said. "Last year was probably a little bit more and definitely this year being a Senior."

Even as a well-rounded student Marston finds time to volunteer and coach teams in the Woodstock Parks and Recreation League. She said she hopes one day to watch someone she's helped coach play on Central's court.

As Marston helps those who will still play after she graduates this season, she's hoping to continue shattering school records.

"I broke the school record and scored 40 points in a game last year," Marston said. "I think I'm close to scoring my thousandth point. My coach won't tell me so that's one of the goals that I've been trying."