H.S. football coaches enjoying break, but miss their teams

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- For high school football coaches, the offseason is just as important as the season. That's what has made social distancing even harder.

Broadway football head coach Danny Grogg paints his deck.

It's a weird time to be a football coach, but coaches have made the most of it.

"It's just a continuous 24/7 thing with sports, it's year round," Broadway head coach Danny Grogg said. "What this thing allowed us as coaches to do is rejuvenate, spend time with our families, get out to the outdoors, fish."

While Grogg spent his Saturday afternoon mulching, East Rockingham head coach Donnie Coleman went spring gobbler hunting in the morning.

"We have probably eaten dinner more as a family in the last three weeks than we ever have over a period of time," Coleman said. "We cook, we've taken some trips, I've hunted and fished more than I have in the last two weeks with Spring gobbler season."

While Grogg and Coleman are enjoying spending time with their families, they both miss their players.

"You know it's not the same," Coleman told WHSV. "I miss the guys in the weight room, I miss the camaraderie of having that team workout, I'm gonna be honest with you, I really really miss that."

Coleman says his players have had to get creative with workouts, "using book bags as medicine balls." Grogg has taken this situation as an opportunity to teach student athletes in Broadway to appreciate sports more than they already do.

"The biggest message that I've tried to send out to send out to our student athletes in our school is, is to play as many sports as long as you can," Grogg said.

And while you can give a football coach a break, they'll always be ready when it's time to hit the gridiron again.

"We'll get through it and sports will be back soon," Coleman said. "This is obviously unprecedented times, but we'll be back together soon."

"I think every coach by the time this things is over is just going to be ready to go," Grogg said.