Houff seeks redemption in Kentucky

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WEYERS CAVE, Va. (WHSV) -- Quin Houff will be back on the NASCAR racing circuit this weekend, competing in his first Xfinity Series event since July 8.

The 19-year-old from Weyers Cave is set to return to Kentucky Speedway -- a track that didn't treat him very well back in the summer.

"I kinda got into a mind game at Kentucky. We thought we were really fast. We had a really great practice and it was like 'I think we can really do good in qualifying.'," Houff said.

Houff didn't even make the main race after his No. 46 Chevy Camaro spun out in the first round of qualifying.

"I've just been thinking a lot about that weekend at Kentucky and what I felt and what I need to change," Houff said. "I've been talking a lot with the team and they've been working really really hard on this car we're taking to Kentucky to make me feel more comfortable."

Now he's looking for redemption in his fifth appearance of his rookie season on the circuit.

Houff has made the top 15 twice this year, including a career-best 12th in Iowa.

And he says after a couple of months away from the track, he's anxious to return to competition.

"We just out-drove ourselves," Houff said. "We just need to calm down take the weekend in and really think about what we are doing and it'll be fine."