Laney Corbin: WHSV Student Athlete of the Week, Jan. 26

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SHENANDOAH, Va. (WHSV) -- Fifty-six years after Page County High School opened in 1961, the school is celebrating its first-ever basketball player signed to a Division I school on a full ride. And she's done it all with one big smile.

It's not hard to find Laney Corbin on the court. The six-foot star has a smile draped from ear-to-ear.

"I don't think I've ever seen her without a smile on her face," Page County high school teacher Deborah Norton said.

Corbin's energy has made her one of Page County's all-time great basketball players. Not only is she a member of the 1,000-point club, but her commitment to Radford was the first of its kind for the school.

"I was very emotional when I committed," Corbin said after signing her letter of intent in November. "It was definitely an exciting moment."

Looking back on it now, Corbin is still excited but for different reasons.

"I think the younger players look up to me and I have to be the leader that they will see fit," Corbin said. "And maybe they will follow in my footsteps one day."

For first-year head coach E.J. Wyant, Corbin also provides him with an opportunity to start his tenure on the right foot.

"I'm happy to be coaching a player like Laney," Wyant said. "We didn't know a lot about who was here when we came. But when we saw Laney, we were excited to have a player with her abilities."

When Corbin graduates this spring, she will have already completed a year of college credits. The senior takes the same energy that she plays basketball with off the court and credits that to her family.

"We're a tight knit group and we're all outgoing so that helps a lot."

"She brings that to the classroom. She brings that to her fellow students, " Norton said. "That positive energy attitude has made her achieve her goals and push her to her goals academically as well as in sports."