Snowy morning for JMU Football fans tailgating in Frisco

Published: Jan. 11, 2020 at 7:23 PM EST
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Snow did not get in the way of fans tailgating at the FCS National Championship Game in Frisco, Texas.

Thousands flocked to the North Texas city on Saturday to watch JMU's football team play North Dakota State University at Toyota Stadium.

"We just come out no matter what the weather is," said Carolyn Rehman, a JMU Football fan.

Temperatures were in the 30s and the wind made it feel much colder.

For those from Virginia, the weather felt familiar.

"It feels like home!" said Rob Jones, a JMU alum, supporting his alma mater.

Ernie Escontreas drove from Bismarck to support the North Dakota State University's Bison.

"At home, it's five below," Escontreas said and he was happy it was warmer.

Those at the tailgates were decked out in winter hats, gloves and scarves. Some wore blankets while they huddled together.

Both JMU and NDSU fans dominated the parking lots surrounding the stadium with their respective team colors.

"We love coming over to the North Dakota side because these people could not be more hospitable," said Michael Lindsay, a JMU fan. "They're nice. They're fun."

"JMU has a great team," said NDSU fan Max Kringen. "What we appreciate at NDSU is the dynasty JMU has been creating. However, we want to put that to bed very quickly."

While JMU fell short of a win on Saturday, fans of both teams hope they'll be back together at Frisco next year.

"It's a friendly rivalry and we hope it stays that way for a long time," said Lindsay.

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