Toyota Stadium bans JMU tradition for national championship

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — There is one James Madison University football tradition you might not see in Frisco, Texas.

JMU football fans score streamers after a Dukes score at the 2017 national championship game

The Dukes take on North Dakota State University in the national championship game at Toyota Stadium on January 6.

But unlike when JMU visited Frisco last year, winning it all, there might be no streamers this time around. Toyota Stadium announced on Monday morning that streamers will not be allowed this year when the sons of Bridgeforth return to Frisco.

Some JMU fans voiced their displeasure on Twitter and suggested other forms of celebrating, such as confetti or using even more streamers than usual as a direct protest against the ban.

Amanda Presgraves, a JMU graduate, said a Dukes touchdown without streamers would be awkward.

"Do we throw our hands up in the air? What do other schools do when they cheer? I don't know even know how to celebrate without throwing a streamer," Presgraves said. "I can't imagine it."

Presgraves said the tradition is so entrenched into the university, it will be a shame if the stadium does not reverse the decision.

"Sometimes you throw them before a touchdown even happens, prematurely," Presgraves said. "You see babies throwing streamers! I was in the suites this weekend, people throw streamers inside. It's what we do."

WHSV reached out to Toyota Stadium, as well as the NCAA. They have not yet responded. If they do, WHSV will provide their statement here.