Valley basketball coaches reflect on Kobe Bryant's effect on basketball

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HARRISONBURG, Va. -- College and high school basketball coaches from the Shenandoah Valley reflected Monday on the effect Kobe Bryant had on the game when speaking with WHSV Sports Director TJ Eck.

Photo: MGN/Zuma Press

Louis Rowe, James Madison Men's Basketball Head Coach
"Just an absolute winner. Set really, really high goals. People would say 'Oh he's crazy.' He didn't care and I am getting goosebumps because that is what you want."

Sean O'Regan, James Madison Women's Basketball Head Coach
"The mentality part was as much as his 33,000 points scored. That Mamba Mentality is something we have used trying to motivate players too."

Melvin Felix, Eastern Mennonite University Men's Basketball Head Coach
"I was born in 1989 so I was able to see a little bit of (Michael) Jordan at the end of his career but in reality my Jordan was Kobe Bryant. So to me, he was the epitome of what being the best was."

Jeremy Hartman, Wilson Memorial High School Boys Basketball Head Coach and Los Angeles Lakers fan
"We talk about 'Kobe Kill Spots.' Like getting to certain spots on the floor where we get the best shots. The highest percentage shots. We talk about his footwork. His impeccable footwork. The pivots and the jabs that he uses and just having the Mamba Mentality and going out and playing as hard as you can."

Don Burgess, Harrisonburg Boys Basketball Head Coach
"A lot of time these youngsters now, because of instant gratification, instant success, you know if you need an answer just download this app. Well Kobe, there was not app. There was not an app. There was one app and that was hard work and it was beautiful to utilize him as an example."