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Police warn of Social Security scam targeting 804, 540, 434 area codes

Consumer Protection Minute: Lottery Scams

Consumer Protection Minute: Robocalls

WV Consumer Minute: Equifax Data Breach

Scam artists harming ability for legitimate contractors to do their jobs

Consumer protection minute: phishing

Sheriff's office warns of scam mimicking the office itself

Law enforcement issues warnings about international phone scam

Lawmakers, consumer advocates push to block pesky 'robocalls'

Financial scams targeting older Americans quadrupled in 4 years

Phone companies are promising major leaps forward in spam call blocking technology

Deputies warn of scam tricking the elderly into smuggling drugs

Debit-card 'skimming' vs. 'shimming': Everything you need to know to stay safe

Virginia 'phone spoofing' bill may not actually stop scammers

New scam hits YouTube: What to watch out for

Beware of Romance Scam ahead of Valentine's Day

IRS scam calls return again as tax season begins

Business warns of scam email targeting tax filers

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